Album with works by Mar Alzamora (Panama), Camila Albarracín (Argentina), Markos Peralta (Spain / Argentina), Gustavo Castellano (Uruguay), Anésio Neto (Brazil), Gabriela Spinelli (Argentina) and Laura Molina (Argentina) made within the framework of the activities of the Taller de Música y Arte Sonoro directed by Pablo Bas between 2020 and 2023.

PLUS: Booklet 
RELEASE: August, 2023
COUNTRY: Argentina

Pléyade is a word that comes from Latin for a group of people who are outstanding in an activity that is usually artistic. In Greek mythology, Las Pléyades were seven sisters who metamorphosed into doves and then became stars. The constellation bearing this name is also known as the Seven Sisters or the Seven Goats. The name Pléyades also refers to a group of seven Alexandrian tragic poets of the 4th-3rd centuries BC and in France, during the Renaissance, to another group of prominent poets.

Now, Pléyade is also this album that compiles acousmatic and electroacoustic works, a sound poem and soundscapes created with different composition and elaboration techniques. All of them are the result of creative processes carried out by their authors and accompanied in the space of the Taller de Música y Arte Sonoro directed by Pablo Bas, which are here embodied in works that, like spiralling circles, we hope will be fed back to the public who listen to them.

Pablo Bas.


Mastering: it was carried out in two stages. The first part in Pablo Bas’ studio and then in the Laboratorio de Investigación y Producción Musical del Centro Cultural Recoleta [LIPM CCR] with Gabriel Lucena as technician and the support of FMyT [Fundación Música y Tecnología].

Cover image: Francisco Bas.