He has lived for more than forty years in Montevideo (Uruguay), a city with which he is in love and which has impregnated him with its sounds.

Gustavo Castellano — PLÉYADE | CALATHEA Experimenta




He is a musician, composer and creator of sound spaces. He has studied music with Mario Villagrán, Mariana Ingold, Jorge Lazaroff, Rubén Olivera, Fredy Pérez and Francisco Rey. For several years he composed -almost exclusively- music for theatre. Currently, in addition to the production presented under his own name, he participates in two projects where he ventures into other genres (Irizaga and the Pepe Carqueja group). He has been part of the Taller de Grabaciones de Campo and Mapa Sonoro and is currently attending the Taller de Arte Sonoro, both coordinated by Pablo Bas.

Mr. President

Experimental piece in which some organic sounds are added to the treatment and processing of the human voice.


Mastering: it was carried out in two stages. The first part in Pablo Bas’ studio and then in the Laboratorio de Investigación y Producción Musical del Centro Cultural Recoleta [LIPM CCR] with Gabriel Lucena as technician and the support of FMyT [Fundación Música y Tecnología].