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I got in touch with music through the Spanish guitar and then I finished my career as a teacher of this instrument at the Conservatorio Superior de Música Astor Piazzolla in the city of Buenos Aires. I am currently focused on the field of sound art and improvisation, processing sound in real time, working solo and with other ensembles.

I’m Coming (Voy Llegando)

A site-specific work, knowing that I only had as a reference the research report of the space/auditorium El Tanque. My intention was to make that space vibrate by working with the most salient modes of the frequency spectrum. I wanted the spaces to resonate and discomfort through the field recordings of my new stage of life, oscillating between solitude and family.


Mastering: it was carried out in two stages. The first part in Pablo Bas’ studio and then in the Laboratorio de Investigación y Producción Musical del Centro Cultural Recoleta [LIPM CCR] with Gabriel Lucena as technician and the support of FMyT [Fundación Música y Tecnología].