We cannot underestimate the importance of the sounds of analogue radio.

Shaun Robert — CALATHEA Experimenta




Shaun Robert from an early age has been working with sound as a natural extension of play. Like most, he began with a home tape recorder, with his finger on the play, stop and pause button, editing, rewinding, rewinding to make comping transitions, establishing deep relationships with that aesthetic in the whole of this interaction that shows up in all his work.

Cross-talk and frequency drift strike a chord with him. The intensive use of cassette tape in the structure and creation of his own compilations became his own works. And in connection with loops and raw editing and frequency losses, thus creating a sonic organic.

Shaun Robert is director and founder of the Institute For Alien Research label, whose main production is compilations, either thematic or serial, of which the “4’33 “Musique Concrète Series” is the most prolific, reaching its 145th edition, starting in 2013 and not strictly about silence and not specifically about Musique Concrète. Each volume comprises 15 works.