Sol Rezza

Hacking your EARS

Sol Rezza | PH Adan Jones — CCK, Argentina




Sol Rezza is an Argentinian composer, sound designer, and audio engineer who specializes in next-generation audio. Her work combines experimental electronic soundscapes with advanced 3D sound technology to create immersive experiences for virtual ecosystems and live performances.

Sol’s approach to sound design incorporates multilingual vocal samples, granular synthesis, and sequencers along with spatial audio technology. This allows you to create complex and dynamic sound environments that transport audiences to new realms of perception and experience.

She is currently conducting research on the impact of next-generation audio, advances in spatial audio, and artificial intelligence on digital storytelling, exploring the future of immersive audio.

Sol Rezza offers lectures and workshops related to immersive audio and digital sound storytelling. The main focus of these workshops is to develop production methodologies for sound digital narratives, emphasizing the components of immersive audio.

Rezza’s work has been exhibited at MUTEK Montreal (CA), MUTEK (AR/ES), CTM Festival (DE), IN/OUT Festival, Tsonami Festival (CL), BRIWF festival (BR), Simultan Festival (RO), Borealis Festival (NO), HÖRLURS Festival (SE), among others. She participated in artist residencies including the Radio Art Residency at Radio Corax (DE), the Somerset House Studio Residency (UK) and the Nodar Binaural Residency (PT).