Shorts for RADIO

"Old voices without body, from another world without time, space or language".

ARTIST: Sol Rezza
LABEL: Shorts for RADIO
RELEASE: May, 2023
COUNTRY: Argentina

Dedicated to the project because everything we do once done ceases to belong to us, time knows no copyrights.

Shorts for RADIO” is an experimental radio series that lasts approximately 12 minutes. It is the result of a research based on sound archives dating from the 20’s to the 60’s, from different parts of the world that can be found in under the public domain.

Shorts for RADIO” was born at the end of 2011 with the idea of creating a small virtual radio fragment, a piece of experimental radio that collects sound particles and texts that at some point have been transmitted through a media such as radio or television. From these sound fragments, I tried to recreate a new discourse, a play on words, a transformation of language, a wink between sound composition and radio style, an ethereal sigh in a convulsed virtual world where radio mutates and languages and meanings take on different meanings.

Radio is a medium that takes the form of what it represents, a voice, a sound behind a black curtain, solitude in the middle of the night, a gaze without eyes. Something that is beyond our reach, but that is there. Something we understand beyond the language of words, a language that extends, through sounds.

Recommended listening at night, with headphones.

Year: 2012
Produced by: Sol Rezza 


Original Cover Design: Daniel Iván.
Re-design: CALATHEA Experimenta.
Re-Release 2012-2023.
Mastering: CALATHEA Experimenta.