The YEAR of the Rabbit (El AÑO del Conejo)

Radio Art, Experimental Music by Sol Rezza.

ARTIST: Sol Rezza
RELEASE: December, 2023
COUNTRY: Argentina

“In Mexico I came across a book and a stone, on these two elements found traces of a very complex country”
This is a job that has as a starting point at the exploration of the concept of time from the Nahuatl, native people from central Mexico.

For Laurette Séjourné & Esperanza Rascón.

All parts of “The Year of the Rabbit” are based on the book “The Náhuatl thought encrypted in the calendars” of Laurette Séjourné.

I. Año 1 Caña – Ce Acatl
II. Año 1 Pedernal – Ce Tecpatl
III. Año 1 Casa – Ce Calli

Interview: Esperanza Rascón.
Sound Objects:
-Braches from trees.
-Well modified.
-Virtual piano.

No conventional instruments were used on this piece.

All sounds are produced with sound objects modified through computer.
Year: 2010.

Selection to the Radiophonic Creation Day 2011, France.


This work that joins the CALATHEA Experimenta catalogue has been remastered from its original wav file.

First published in 2009, contained in various repositories under CC-CL licenses and always distributed in lossy audio formats.

The mastering process was assisted by the composer herself.

Mastering: CALATHEA Experimenta