Lorenzo Gómez Oviedo

Argentinean composer and sound artist. Some of his works have been premiered in different venues in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and France.





He has released more than 40 albums on different labels in the USA, Japan, France, Brazil, Poland, Russia, Spain and Argentina, in genres as diverse as ambient, drone, noise, contemporary music, free jazz, lo-fi, incidental, minimilasta, among others.

In his search for improvisation, he has ventured into the exploration of soundscapes through analogue recordings, interpretation of everyday sound objects, among other techniques of sound exploration.

He currently runs the experimental music label Adaptador Records and the Caja Negra International Festival.

He is active in his artistic work through concerts and specialised workshops and talks.

Lives in El Fin del Mundo (Usuahia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina).