Multimedia artist. He is a systems analyst (National University of La Plata). He obtained a postgraduate degree in Electronics applied to art at the National University of Art, as well as training in courses and workshops oriented to art and new technologies.

Laura Molina — PLÉYADE | CALATHEA Experimenta




He participated with works in different exhibitions and presentations in Argentina, Spain and Finland. He teaches electronic workshops for artists. Collaborates with artists from other disciplines in the creation of works and installations that require electronic objects, especially sound objects. He studies cello and continues his training in sound art.


Electroacoustic work made from cello recordings. It was composed from simple sounds, consisting of plucked, fretted and plucked strings, bow strokes and percussions on the instrument, later manipulated and processed. The result is a soundscape that awakens the imagination from the listening experience.


Mastering: it was carried out in two stages. The first part in Pablo Bas’ studio and then in the Laboratorio de Investigación y Producción Musical del Centro Cultural Recoleta [LIPM CCR] with Gabriel Lucena as technician and the support of FMyT [Fundación Música y Tecnología].