HAIKUS Sonoros (Sonic HAIKUS)

Sonic HAIKUS: A Sensory Journey Through the Year.

ARTIST: Florencia Ruiz Ferretti
PLUS: Booklet 
LABEL: CALATHEA experimenta
RELEASE: April, 2024
COUNTRY: Argentina

In his travel book Diary of a Skull in the Open, Matuso Bashô asks himself:

Can the dew
drop by drop
the dust of the floating world?

And I answer him:

Can a poem,
or a succession of sounds,
move the heart of a city?

As I obtained a large number of sound recordings from each season of the year in Rosario, I wondered how I could translate a Haiku, with its brevity, its simplicity and its poignant depth, sonically. Obviously I had to choose a series of sounds, I couldn’t use all of them. However, brevity did not seem possible in my sound works, until I realised that in reality each work is composed of a succession of small works, which could be listened to separately.

The HAIKUS Sonoros are a kind of Renga in which, through sounds, I ask and answer myself. Each sound stanza could be taken as an independent work, which together form a Renga or a concatenation of Haikus.

The four seasons. HAIKUS sonoros para Rosario is a sound installation project that emerged during 2000 and confinement, and was awarded a Creation Grant from the Fondo Nacional de las Artes in 2021.

This is its sound version 2024.

Florencia Ruiz Ferretti

  • HAIKUS Sonoros | Invierno
  • HAIKUS Sonoros | Otoño
  • HAIKUS Sonoros | Verano
  • HAIKUS Sonoros | Primavera
  • HAIKUS Sonoros
  • HAIKUS Sonoros | Verano


Compuesto, producido e interpretado por: Florencia Ruiz Ferretti
Mastering: Franco Falistoco, CALATHEA experimenta
CALATHEA experimenta