Florencia Ruiz Ferretti

Musician, sound artist and poet.

Florencia Ruiz Ferretti | CALATHEA experimenta — 2024





Florencia is also a singer, composer and banjo player.
She studied composition with Guillermo Pesoa (Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes), and is currently studying with Jorge Horst.

She teaches voice classes and workshops. She is a sound therapist and Yoga instructor.

She dabbles in various folk genres, exploring timbres and sounds, sonomontage and music related to the visual arts, and is a member of the blues, jazz and gospel duo Semilla Negra.

Florencia in first person.

A bit of my journey

I was born on 26 November in Rosario (Santa Fe, Argentina).

I am a singer, composer, sound artist and poet. From sound, poetics and movement, I seek to propose sensitive views on environment and society, corporeality and territory.

I teach classes, seminars and laboratories. I develop diverse proposals from listening and the body-territory link, interconnecting knowledge and experiences from the biocultural view of territories, sound art and landscaping and radio art.

I coordinate the cycle “Caminantes a la escucha. Sound expeditions to re-discover the territory”. I teach the workshop “Environmental Arts” as part of the “Diploma in Environmental Participatory Practices” at the National University of Rosario.

I have won the competitions “Activar Patrimonio – Becas de investigación en museos” of the Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación in 2023, “Beca Creación” of the Fondo Nacional de las Artes in 2021, Obras Sonoras based on “Las soledades” by Luis de Góngora of the Centro Cultural España Córdoba in 2013 among others.

I have participated in International Festivals with sound works and proposals related to listening.

I am part of the NGO Taller Ecologista and I work in the areas “Wetlands for life” and “Socio-environmental Education”, producing sound and artistic materials, carrying out workshops and proposals that intertwine corporealities and territory, and interconnecting knowledge and experiences from the biocultural view of the territories.

I am a Yoga Instructor and Sound Therapist, and Dance has always been a language that interconnects everything I do. I feel that my mission is to provide tools and proposals that help to connect mind-body-nature-spirituality, opening us to experience the inter-being that we are with all forms of life and seeking to inhabit in love and respect the Earth that is our home.

Why music?

For me music is the way to be one with the absolute, to transcend the body and thoughts to pass to another state, without limits or form that restrict me. I am one with everything: with the sound, with the audience, with the musicians with whom I share such a beautiful task, with the air that surrounds us, with the earth itself. I have the same feeling when I am in the middle of nature, floating in the river, observing the mountain or a dewdrop on a flower, and in some meditation practices.

That’s why I make music: to transcend myself.