SOUND Poetry [Huellas Audibles]

Sound poetry is an intermediate artistic practice that lies between poetry and music, and it is precisely its acoustic element that determines its aesthetic and formal value.

ARTIST: Amarilys Quintero Ruiz
LABEL: POESÍA Sonora [Huellas Audibles]
RELEASE: May, 2023
COUNTRY: Colombia

It starts from orality, freeing poetry and its medium from language, from its limiting function of representing reality in order to be itself; it starts from a reality, thus creating a semantic universe independent of language.

This album “SOUND Poetry [Huellas Audibles]” is composed of 5 sound poems created from the reciprocal and simultaneous exchange of visual poems thought from the sonic in an alchemy of words, noises, letters, sounds and, in the centre of listening: silence.

Words, letters, phonemes fragmented, cut, severed, reduced, compressed… are heard as meanings, perceived as forms of a visual and phonic nature at the same time.


Composed and produced by Amarilys Quintero Ruiz.
Mastering: CALATHEA Experimenta.